Online or offline, from Desktop to Mobile: always connected to TNSJ

Sarce Travel is a web application designed in JAVA 2EE that each user (traveller, approver, controller etc.) can use from any desktop without the need to use a client license.

For all those users who travel to remote places where there is not an Internet network, it can be installed a plug-in that allows the introduction of, locally on your PC, the costs and activities on trip and send them to Sarce Travel Server all at once when there will be a link to the network.

The continuous growth trend from the world of mobile devices requires a reflection. Can I equip my travelers a BIZ APP enabling them to introduce travel expenses and perhaps attach a photo proof of payment?

With Sarce Travel staff with the role of the traveler or approver is always ON TRIP! On mobile you can play on the 100% of the functions performed by Desktop thanks to the BIZ APP JMobile designed by Sarce.

[ FEATURES on Mobile for traveler ]

  • Authorization request to transfer
  • Richiesta anticipi
  • Advances request
  • Service trip request
  • Travel expenses recording
  • Expense vouchers photography
  • Car path management
  • Away activities management
  • Kilometers Detection
  • Credit cards movements import and payments from colleagues
  • Several items introduction compared with a single payment
  • Cost allocation of more cdc/orders

[ FEATURES on Mobile for the controller/approver ]

  • Transfer Authorization
  • Prior authorization to specific expenses
  • Expense approval
  • Dashboard to monitor expenditure